Vitamin C 500mg (USA)

  • Vitamin C 500mg (USA)
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VITAMIN C 500mg SUSTAINED RELEASE (Size : 90 tabs)

Compact with extra antioxidants, Vitamin C is an immune boosting superstar! If you are constantly getting sick, it’s time to give your immune system a boost with constant supply of Vitamin C.

With enhanced immune system, you will have better resistance against flu, colds and coughs. The extra antioxidants further enhance the immune-strengthening effect of Vitamin C.

Nature’s Gift sustained release Vitamin C 500mg offers sustained release protection hour after hour, ensuring 40% better utilization rate than regular tablets.

Vitamin C 500mg provides a potent dosage of Vitamin C and is blended with rose hips to increase its absorption rate as it works in synergy with Vitamin C.

What it contains

Each tablet contains: Vitamin C 500mg Rose Hips (Rosa canina)

Scientific trials revealed amazing health benefits

Studies have shown that Vitamin C could provide considerable protection to our eyes. It protects our lens tissues from photoperoxidation, which could help to delay cataract formation1.

The antioxidant effect of Vitamin C could prevent damage of lung tissues caused by inhalation of free radicals from cigarette smoke or polluted air1.


  • Adult: Take 4-6 tablets daily. In times of lowered immunity or illness, you may take up to 10 000 mg daily (hourly taken).
  • Children: 8-12 years: Take 1 tablet daily. In times of lowered immunity or illness, a tablet may be taken every 2 hours.

The 21st Century Challenge

Diet lack of fruits and vegetables makes it impossible for people to get enough Vitamin C for the body and immune system to rebuild and rejuvenate naturally.

Just imagine how much Vitamin C- rich fruits and vegetables we need to consume a day in order to obtain the amount of Vitamin C necessary for body’s metabolism and biochemical processes.

A freshly plucked orange provides only 60 mg of Vitamin C. To achieve the adult daily minimum requirement of 1000 mg of Vitamin C, you would have to eat approximately 18 freshly plucked oranges!

There’s more! Vitamin C is the most thermo labile vitamin.

As a result, substantial amount of Vitamin C is easily destroyed during cooking and thermal processing of foods. It is also sensitive to light and is easily leached into water; fresh fruits and vegetables begin to lose its Vitamin C once they are cut!

Human body does not have the ability to synthesize and store Vitamin C. Alcohol and medications such as steroids, antidepressants, analgesic, anticoagulant and contraceptives may reduce the level of Vitamin C in the body.

Moreover, Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is rapidly lost from our body. Hence, daily supplementation of Vitamin C is important for optimal health maintenance.

Who will benefit from Vitamin C 500mg?

  • Smokers; smoking one cigarette robs the body off 25 mg of Vitamin C
  • Those with bleeding gums
  • Those who are susceptible to infections, allergies and common colds
  • Those with poor immune system
  • Those who eat a limited variety of foods
  • Those with high cholesterol levels
  • Those with high blood pressure
  • Those who are anemic

Vitamin C deficiency symptoms

Muscular weakness, anemia, appetite loss, skin hemorrhage, swollen jaws, slow healing of wounds & fractures, bleeding gums, excessive bruising, low resistance to infections, fatigue, etc.

Can you take too much?

As Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, the body rids itself of excessive Vitamin C. It is non-toxic, even when taken in large amounts.

However, when a very excessive amount is taken, it may cause diarrhea, which is believed to bring a cleansing effect to the body.

Do you know that an orange (freshly plucked from a tree) provides you with only 60mg of Vitamin C?

In order to achieve the adult daily minimum requirement of one gram (1000mg) of Vitamin C, you would have to eat approximately 18 oranges (picked fresh from a tree).

Thus, it is imperative to take Vitamin C supplements.

Why is Nature’s Gift vitamins superior?

Nature's Gift Vitamins are manufactured by using costly quality control procedures that are designed to maintain potency and quality.

The special 100% natural vegetable micro-gel sustained release system provides a 40% better utilisation rate than regular tablets.

It comes with a guaranteed potency which meets and exceeds US federal regulations.


  1. Bendich, A., Machlin, L. J. and Scandurra, O. 1986. The antioxidant role of vitamin C. Advances in Free Radical Biology and Medicine 2: 419-444


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