Best Seller - Basic Coffee Enema Pack 2 (Special Offer)

  • Best Seller - Basic Coffee Enema Pack 2 (Special Offer)
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Coffee contains palmitic acid that when used as an enema can increase glutathione activity in your body by 600 to 700. It boosts the production of Glutathione S. Transferase (GST) which is the detoxifying enzyme present in the body. GST allows the excess free radicals to be soluble in water for easy elimination. The liver also utilises GST to counteract poisons such as drugs, alcohol, pollutants, and pesticides.                                                                                              

Included in this pack is a FREE Book titled - You Can Regain Youth & Health Through Detoxification & Rejuvenation. A time-tested programme by Dr. Lynn Tan, Naturopath (N.D.)

This Basic Coffee Enema Pack consists of:-
  • A BPA Free Reusable (Medical Grade) Enema Bucket (1,500ml capacity)  with reinforced carrying handles for hanging on Hook; a Soft Vinyl Tube; An Open/Close Clamp on Tube for One-Handed Operation when administering Coffee Enema. - $28.10
  • 2 Packets (7 Sachets each) Organic Enema Coffee (grounded Enema Coffee packed into Sachet for ease of use). Weight - 250g Per Packet. - $35.00
  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Spray (used as a lubricant as it contains anti-viral & anti-bacteria properties). Important Note - Many people who have used petroleum based lubricant and cooking oil have complained of anal itch after a period of time. We strongly recommend and advocate the use of Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. - $16.20
  • A bottle of 100g K-Salt (a combination of Potassium Gluconate, Potassium Acetate, Mono-Potassium  Phosphate) to prevent electrolyte imbalance. A quarter teaspoon to be added to juices after every coffee enema administration for best results. It can be taken as an essential daily supplement for improving general health and vitality. For more information - $39.10
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (3% concentration) for disinfecting the enema bucket & enema tube to prevent bacteria  and molds from formoing. A very important procedure after every enema. For more information - $12.80
  • Free telephone Coaching on the practical aspect of Coffee Enema. For more information on Coffee Enema

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