Assure Detergent (Biodegradable USA Formula)

  • Assure Detergent (Biodegradable USA Formula)
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Safe, clean and powerful! Perfect laundry, every time.

Assure Laundry Detergent is aptly named, you can count on it to take care of your wash and your family. This plant-based detergent is safe and environment-friendly.

Ideal for families with young children!

Most laundry detergents in the market contain brightening or florescent agents. These ingredients are said to cause cancer.

Switch to NewLife™ Assure Laundry Detergent, an amazing concentrated plant-based cleaner that protects your clothes and your loved ones.

Why Use

  • Plant-based and biodegradable, Assure cares for you, your family and the environment.
  • Super concentrated means more economical! Three times more concentrated than other brands, this means you can wash more laundry using the same amount of detergent. Saves you money!
  • Safe and easy to use with no carcinogenic brighteners such as bleach. It is safe for you and your baby. It is low in suds and high in cleansing strength.
  • Antibacterial, it leaves no foul smells on your wash even after days of soaking.


  • Gentle for your fabrics, your hands and your washing machine
  • Safe for babies' clothes
  • No carcinogenic brighteners
  • Saves water and energy


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