Alpha Juicer (DA 1200) New & Improved / 9 functions in 1 Machine

  • Alpha Juicer (DA 1200) New & Improved / 9 functions in 1 Machine
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“Produces better tasting juices than other juicers. The juices are not oxidized and they contain higher values of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients.” yesyes


Juice your way to optimal health! Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, once said, treat food as your medicine and medicine, your food.

You can now do that easily with the NewLife™ Alpha Juicer! This powerful yet quiet low-speed juicer takes all the goodness from fruits and vegetables to give you a drink that will strengthen your body, improve your immunity and keep you healthy all year long.

The versatile machine also does a host of other great things.

The NewLife™ Alpha Juicer is perhaps your best health investment. You and your family will get to reap the bountiful health benefits that come from this powerful machine.


A whole glass of benefits awaits you - Your key to radiant health! Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits & Vegetable Juice Extractor


The low-speed screw prevents the destruction of flavours and high nutritional contents. It is suitable for all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Wheat Grass/Leafy Green Juice Extractor

ALPHA DA-900 can extract up to 99% of juice from wheat grass, pine needles, aloe vera, nappier grass, parsley, pandan, and others


Soya Bean, Almond & Other Nut Milk Extractor

You can now prepare homemade soya bean milk, almond, coconut milk, and other nut milk with ease.

Mincer / Chopper

ALPHA DA-1200 can chop and mince seasonings and herbs such as garlic, scallions, onions, red peppers, ginger, radishes, basil, chillies, and etc. It also makes mincing beef, chicken, mutton, and fish easy for everybody.


Ice Shaver / Vegetable Slicer (optional attachment)

ALPHA DA-1200 can assist you in preparing many ;local delicacies, such as ice kacang, cendol, sago, and others, You can transform the ice shaver attachment to a slicing mode. It slices any form of hard fruits or vegetables to the size of pickles in a split second.


Pasta Maker

ALPHA DA-900 can be used to make rice sticks, pasta, noodles, and etc.


Food Mill

ALPHA DA-900 cab be used to make cookies, fish balls, meat balls, and etc. Also greta for making baby food.


Grain Mill

With the Two-Tiered mincing strain, ALPHA DA-1200 grinds grains into smooth flour.


ALPHA DA-900 can grind all kinds of nuts for various delicious recipes, inclusive of peanut butter, tahini (sesame seeds butter), and cashew nut butter, which are all-time family favourites.


Reasons to get a ALPHA DA-1200 JUICER, Your Complete Kitchen Help

  • Retains the natural flavours and over 90% of the nutritional value in fruits and vegetables
  • High yield – extracts up to 99% of juice from any fruit or vegetable
  • Locks in natural flavours and nutritional value with its low-speed technology (80rpm)
  • Low speed also means low temperature which in turn preserves nutrients. Also, juices stay fresh for a longer time without oxidation
  • Reduces the level of pesticides, chemicals, and heavy metals in the juice
  • Extended warranty on components A 20 year warranty on motor and a five-year warranty on selected components. Excellent After-sales service and spare parts provided by NewLife™
  • Built-in safety device - automatic temperature breaker to prevent overheating
  • Easy to use and clean - disassemble, clean and reassemble in minutes.
  • The first juice extractor with the unique stone-mill like screw
  • Made from US FDA approved polycarbonate and melamine - extremely hygienic and durable
  • Produces less bubbles and foam compared to other double gear-type juicers
  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Bio-ceramic-treated bowl preserves flavour, enzymes and nutrition.
  • Effectively eliminates agricultural waste and chemicals from the juice as these are kept in the juicing waste
  • Makes excellent juice especially with highly fibrous foods
  • Makes excellent soya bean drinks, coconut milk extracts and desserts
  • Very quiet
  • Prevents nutrient damage in juice caused by high temperatures and the impact of a normal juicer
  • High quality, nutrient rich juice for the whole family.

"Make a difference to your health with large varieties of healthy foods, snacks and juices"